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You'll have your own dedicated Human Resources Specialist without the cost involved to hire one full time.

We'll give you the support you need to run your business without any HR dramas.


Helping you maximize your workforce's potential is where we shine brighter than a hi-vis vest.


Take the short 10 min High Performing Crew Audit and receive a Personalised Scorecard Report that provides insights and recommendations of areas of improvement. 

  1. Workplace Compliance: Ensures you follow Fair Work requirements.

  2. Staffing Strategy: Attracts top talent and builds a reliable crew.

  3. Onboarding and Orientation: Sets new hires up for success.

  4. Performance Management: Encourages innovation and engagement.

  5. Employee Development: Enhances skills and growth opportunities.

This audit provides valuable insights. Ready to elevate your HR and construction business? Start now!

Implementation of areas for improvement incur an additional charge.


We're here to optimize your team's performance.


We'll help shape a positive workplace culture, provide effective training, and handle HR matters. Our specialists conduct site visits for a deep understanding of your crew and business.


We offer a dedicated HR Specialist without full-time costs, ensuring smooth operations. Flexible service options won't break the bank.


We focus on practical solutions, not jargon.


Membership clients receive a tailored 12-month Action Plan after a free High Performing Crew Audit. Let's ensure your business runs smoothly and your team excels!


Let's ensure your business runs smoothly and your team excels. Let's chat!

Human Resources Consulting = $249 per hour on a needs basis


Check out our Membership Plans!


Navigating employment documents can be a headache, but we've got your back. Our experts create a comprehensive document package tailored to your needs.


We use plain language and even throw in some humor.


The service includes document completion, an on-site appointment for explanation and signing, and secure document storage.


Save yourself the hassle and ensure legal coverage in your employment dealings—give us a call!


Forms and Letters = $149 each 

Individual Document = $299 each

Starter Workplace Document Package = $2,499

(10 Key Documents from each package category customised to your requirements)

Codes, Policies and Forms Package /  Recruitment Package / Onboarding Package  / Performance Management Package = $1,799 each

Discounts offered for additional purchases and on select Membership Plans


Looking for a skilled tradesperson to join your team? Look no further than our recruitment service!


We specialize in permanent placements, focusing on long-term relationships to help your business build a dependable workforce.

We cover all levels of the trade industry, providing a one-stop solution for your hiring needs. Whether you're in commercial construction, residential maintenance, renovations, or anywhere in between, we'll find the perfect match for your workplace culture and requirements.

Step 1: We advertise to several jobs boards, social media platforms and extensive databases. We shortlist, screen and interview within 24hrs of application. As soon as we find a potential candidate we will get on the phone to you.

Step 2: Unlimited interviews / trials are organised on your behalf until we find the right fit.

Step 3: Once a successful placement has been made, we help you as required with onboarding them.

SBAT / Part Time Attending School Apprentice = $2,499

1st or 2nd Year Apprentice / Entry Level Positions = $3,499 

3rd or 4th Year Apprentice = $4,499

Qualified Tradie / Experienced Positions = 10% of Yearly Salary

White Collar / Management Positions = 12% of Yearly Salary

Discounts offered for additional purchases and on select Membership Plans

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