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$10k Incentive to Boost Construction Workforce: Key News and Insights from Tradie HR - January 2024

Updated: Feb 27

"We help build dream teams" Tradie Human Resources
"We help build dream teams" Tradie Human Resources

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At Tradie Human Resources, we understand the significance of staying informed in the dynamic Tradie and Construction industry. From regulatory changes to industry trends, these key insights empower you to make strategic decisions when navigating Staff Problems in any type of Construction Company.


As your trusted HR partner, we are committed to keeping you ahead. Navigate the evolving workplace with confidence, armed with the latest knowledge.

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$10k Incentive to Boost Construction Workforce

An apprentice Plumber completing his employment contract in Melbourne for a job by Tradie Human Resources
Adrian got the job as a Plumber!

Master Builders Australia is urging the federal government to adopt a program, modeled after West Australia's initiative, offering a $10,000 payment to builders for every skilled foreign worker they recruit.

The push is in response to a projected need for 486,000 additional workers in the construction industry over the next three years.

The construction sector faces a labor shortage, hindering project expansion, with the Australian Constructors Association emphasizing the issue in a submission to the government.

While Western Australia currently provides a subsidy, other states lag.

"Migration is seen as a crucial solution to meet the demand and ensure the construction of vital infrastructure."


More Changes, Yes – But No Need to Panic!

Recent changes to the Fair Work Act include:

  • Employee Authorised Deductions: New rules govern one-off or recurring deductions from employee pay, requiring written permission and adherence to specific regulations.

  • Superannuation in National Employment Standards: Superannuation contributions became an entitlement under the National Employment Standards, reinforcing obligations for employers.

  • Closing Loopholes Laws: These laws introduce various changes, including rules for labor hire workers, discrimination protections for those facing domestic violence, small business redundancy regulations, workplace delegate rights, and modified right of entry rules. 

"Notably, intentional underpayment of wages is now criminalized under these laws."


New Rules for Fixed Term Contracts

The new rules apply to fixed-term contracts, which terminate at specific periods or when employment for a set timeframe concludes.

Carpenter workers signing their employment contracts on a construction site with Tradie Human Resources
Carpentry Crew Completing their Employment Contracts.

Employers must now provide a Fixed Term Contract Information Statement (FTCIS) to employees on new fixed-term contracts, downloadable from the website. This statement must be given before or promptly after employment begins. Additionally, a Fair Work Information Statement is required.

Limitations on fixed-term contracts include a two-year time cap, restrictions on renewals, and prohibitions on consecutive contracts for the same work without substantial breaks. 

Did you know, we can help you with all of your workplace document requirements?


Residential Building and Construction Company in Court

The Fair Work Ombudsman is taking legal action against Melbourne-based Procraft Group Pty Ltd and its director, Bradley Busuttil.

The case stems from a worker's request for assistance, employed as a carpenter from February 2021 to December 2022. Allegations include the company's failure to pay accrued but untaken annual leave entitlements, leading to a Compliance Notice in September 2022.

The FWO seeks penalties up to $33,300 for Procraft Group and $6,660 for Mr. Busuttil, along with an order for full underpayment rectification plus interest. The next hearing is scheduled for 6 March 2024.


School Industry Roundtable Discussion

We had an outstanding turnout of over 150 participants at the School Industry Roundtable, collaborating on work placement initiatives for our local high school students. as a focus of improvement for their future career pathways.

In a survey, 95.8% of respondents affirmed that the identified priorities would contribute positively to work experience. Moving forward, three working groups will focus on key initiatives:

  1. Building Relationships

  2. Work Experience Model (with a focus on a work preparation program)

  3. Gender Roles and Priority Cohorts

Tradie Human Resources collaborating with Schools in Government Led School Industry Roundtable Discussion regarding work experience opportunities for students
School Industry Roundtable Discussion

Over 50% of attendees expressed interest in participating in these working groups. Notably, digital forms, the work experience portal, and the potential App garnered substantial interest, and these initiatives are being considered by the Taskforce Work Based Learning Team for the ongoing digitalisation process. 

"There may be opportunities for your involvement through feedback sessions in the future."


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